Discover Elements

Our diverse selection of ancillary office and lounge furnishings—all from Herman Miller’s family of brands—helps create vibrant settings that can be tailored to express your personality. See how our Elements portfolio is designed to work for you.

Meet Up in the Middle

This stylish plaza, situated at the intersection of conversation and happenstance, takes the pulse of a workspace. It’s an ideal spot to bump into a coworker or take a quick break while dashing from one thing to another.

Refine Your Collaboration Style

This workshop is just the right mix of elegance and function. Bring people together for formal work presentations with colleagues or foster spirited group discussions in the nearby casual lounge setting.

Find Your Focus

When people need to have a quiet chat, they can break away to this semi-private lounge space. Place this setting next to the main workspace so people have quick access to a spot that offers respite from the hubbub around the office.

Spark Bright Ideas

People have the freedom to move around and get their creative juices flowing in this workshop setting. With stations where they can sketch concepts, solve problems, and brainstorm, people have everything they need to get creative with their colleagues. Our flexible, interactive furniture is ideal for an office that’s primed for innovation.