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Give people greater control over their work experiences and take greater control of your workplace with Robin, a partner of Herman Miller. This meeting room reservation software works with your organization’s existing infrastructure to coordinate rooms, amenities, and people. Robin makes it easier for people to find and schedule spaces with the right tools for their work, so they—and your organization—can operate more efficiently.

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The Right Room, Right When You Need It

Robin makes it easier to find and schedule the right meeting room at the right time, so people can come together and do their best work. A powerful search engine for the office, Robin integrates with Outlook and Google Calendars and lets people book meeting rooms from anywhere with the web scheduler or by using the conference room app. Compatible with Android, iPad, and Kindle Fire tablets, Robin’s conference room calendar displays allow people to view the schedule, book an impromptu meeting, or report issues right from the door.

Schedule Accurately in Real Time

Robin’s meeting room reservation software keeps everyone in the loop and prevents over-scheduling, freeing people to work purposefully and efficiently. By automatically canceling meetings when no one shows up, Robin offers greater accuracy and real-time room data. And because anyone can book a meeting room straight from the tablet display, it’s easy for people to meet quickly and effortlessly.

A digital room reservation display outside a conference room.
A screenshot of space utilization data generated by Robin meeting room reservation software.

Better Meetings, Better for Business

Make your workplace work harder for people with Robin. Room utilization data shows which settings are the most popular and which are underperforming, allowing your organization to save time and resources by reconfiguring rooms without having to reconstruct. Use Robin to transform meeting rooms into optimized spaces that support key individuals and high-performing teams, helping your organization reach its goals.

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