Conference Room Scheduling and Desk Reservations

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A person sitting on a blue couch, interacting with the Robin Room Scheduling app on their phone.

Why You Need Robin

See how Robin’s workplace scheduling system creates a more agile work experience.

And abstract blue and green icon that indicates the Robin Room Scheduling app can help you find a room or desk.

Find a Room or Desk

Icon with abstract illustration of a man that indicates Robin app can help you locate a colleague.

Locate a Colleague

Abstract blue and green icon of a map that indicates the Robin Room Scheduling app can help you view room availability.

View Room Availability

Abstract icon with a graph that indicates the Robin Room Scheduling app can help you manage your facility.

Manage Your Facility

A person sitting in an Aeron Chair using the Robin app on their phone to reserve a desk.

Manage Your Agile Workplace with Easy Desk Reservation

Whether everyone has an assigned seat or your company is trying out an agile workplace strategy, Robin's desk reservation app makes it easy for people to pre-book the desk they want, any time they want.

A blue and green Robin interactive office map that people can use to locate meeting rooms, desks, and each other.

Enhance Wayfinding with Interactive Office Maps

Robin’s interactive maps empower people to find what they need at a glance and without referencing smartphones or laptops. Display room availability on any touch screen TV to facilitate on-the-fly booking.

A white and blue chart that's analyzing space utilization data in the Robin Dashboard.

Optimize Your Space with Real-Time Insights

Update your office with actionable analytics on how and when people are using your conference rooms and desks. Robin provides insights into room usage patterns, revealing which spaces are meeting your organization’s needs and which need to change.

A Robin meeting room manager touchscreen afixed to a pink wall outside a room outfitted with a plant and a white Eames Aluminum Group Chair.

Make Scheduling Easy with Robin’s Meeting Room Manager

Robin’s conference room scheduling app makes it easy to find and book the ideal room based on amenities, location, and more. Prevent over-scheduling and ghost meetings with real-time schedule updates and automatically cancelled no-show meetings.

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See how to find and book conference rooms and desks, locate colleagues, and manage your workplace with Robin.

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