Strategies for Returning to the Workplace During COVID-19

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As you explore the best way to return to your workplace—whether it’s in an office, at home, or somewhere in between—we’re here to help. We’re sharing what we’ve learned so far in our Embracing a New Reality report, which also includes valuable insights from experts and planning ideas for both now and the future.

Key Insights

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Planning for Now—and the Future

To navigate the current COVID-19 crisis and plan for the dynamic future of work, we need to use the lessons we’re learning now to develop both short-term return-to-workplace tactics and long-term workplace strategies.

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Making the Office Safe Today

As you make short-term plans for returning to the workplace, you should prioritize holistic community measures, consider adjustments to your physical space to keep people safe, and use data to help you to decide who returns to the office and when.

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Strategizing for a Dynamic Future of Work

From creating cross-functional teams with Facilities, HR, and IT to designing physical spaces around virtual work, our suggestions for long-term workplace strategies will help you prepare for the future.

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Empowering the Shift to Work from Home

To be comfortable and productive while working from home, your people will need ergonomic furnishings and integrated technology platforms. Your office should also be outfitted with the right furniture and tools to enhance collaboration with remote colleagues. Get tips on how to do this from our research collaboration with Logitech.

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Reconfiguring Your Office Spaces

Workplace scenario planning can help you reconfigure spaces so people maintain a safe physical distance from one another. Get ideas by exploring our thought starters.

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