Standard Herman Miller laminate and veneer worksurfaces and metal storage products with wood fronts and tops are FSC certified for these products only which are made in the United States: Action Office, Canvas Wall, Canvas Dock, Canvas Private Office, Canvas Beam, Ethospace, Exclave, Layout Studio, Motia, Nevi Link, Passage, Public, Renew Link, 5000 Series, Sense, Meridian and Tu (including common tops for Meridian and Tu) as well as Avive, Eames, Everywhere, Nevi Sit-to-Stand, and Renew Sit-to-Stand tables. The following Resolve laminate products are also FSC certified: boomerang worksurfaces, pole shelves, and input and equipment tables.


The following are exceptions to the above-mentioned products:

  • Canvas Dock (FD_60 Peninsula)
  • Canvas Group (FC)
  • Canvas Storage (FM series) L and 03, 04 options
  • Ethospace E2800 Series (Transaction Surfaces)
  • Ethospace EWS70 and EWS71 (Transaction Surfaces for ADA)

The following veneers are also exceptions—Santos (9N) and Sapele (6U).

Important Distinctions:
1.      Painted Formcoat products are not FSC certified.
2.      Low pressure laminate (melamine) products are not FSC certified.
3.      Qualifying Options products will only be FSC certified when requested.
4.      Vary Easy products are not FSC certified.


FSC Claim: FSC Mix 90%

Herman Miller’s invoices and packing lists will include this information:

Certain standard laminate and veneer products with exceptions are FSC certified. Details are at Herman Miller’s claim is FSC Mix 90%. Only the products that are identified as such on this document are FSC certified. Look for FSC certified products.

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