Designed by Jasper Morrison for Magis

Magis Trash Bin

A white Magis trash bin.

A reimagined receptacle

A black Magis trash bin.

Magis Trash Bin

Jasper Morrison’s ability to design simple, functional objects beautifully finds its proof in Trash Bin, his covetable reprisal of the lowly trash container. Created with Magis using standard plastic, this sleek receptacle features a removable lid and bag-liner holder to make basic litter collection easier and more stylish in the home or workplace.

From door handles to trays to wristwatches to chairs, Jasper Morrison’s ability to make simple, functional objects beautiful is undeniable. In this case, Morrison turned his attention to an object rarely admired for its good looks—the trash can. Perfect near a desk or under a table, Trash Bin is constructed from injection-molded polypropylene.

“Design’s role is to improve the quality of daily life on the most fundamental level.”

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