Illuminate with elegance

Poetic in their simplicity, elevated in their attention to detail, Ode Lamps shine a light on the moments people spend together. Soft, anti-glare LEDs and spun steel shades create a pool of diffused illumination, appealing to our instincts to come together around light.

Ode Lamps

Versatile design

With their clean, organic form, Ode Lamps have a universal appeal that’s at home in any setting.

Seamless integration

The Ode Lamp’s various heights and freestanding or surface-integrated options offer choice and contribute to a consistent aesthetic throughout a space.

Ode Lamps
Ode Lamps

Intuitive function

Touch technology lets you grasp any part of lamp’s stem to turn it on or off. Table lamps are also dimmable, a function that operates the same intuitive way.

Ode Lamps

A complete family

Freestanding Ode Lamps are available as table lamps and either sofa- or standing-height floor lamps. Surface-integrated lamps are available in two heights and can be mounted to a variety of surfaces such as countertops, credenzas, or refreshment centers.