Designed by Jack Kelley and Robert Propst

Co/Struc System

Co/Struc System laboratory bench in soft white with under surface storage, sink, and Verus Stool in light gray.

Efficient, thoughtful response to inevitable change

Co/Struc is the most flexible, movable, modular system for healthcare and laboratory applications. Components can be switched with ease, making this system work hard for healthcare organizations.

Soft white Co/Struc System with terra cotta storage drawers with a dark gray Verus Stool and wire storage system in an alcove of a medical laboratory.

Keep It Organized

Co/Struc keeps healthcare environments like laboratories and pharmacies organized, with interrelated, interchangeable components that meet the needs of the spaces and the people within them. From drawer organizers to mobile storage, this healthcare system makes organizing easy, so efficiency naturally increases.

Soft white Co/Struc System with below surface storage and a gray Verus stool in a medical laboratory.

Make It Last

The durable finishes and materials that make up Co/Struc withstand the harshest chemicals. Use this modular component system of structures, storage, surfaces, and casework in any high-traffic space that requires intense cleaning—the high-grade materials can handle it.

A line drawing of Co/Struc lab module configuration.


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