Designed by David Ritch and Mark Saffell

Nemschoff Ava Recliner

Nemschoff Ava Recliner with arcade back in a light blue upholstery with panel arms and the footrest extended, viewed from an angle.

Not your average hospital recliner

The Nemschoff Ava Recliner is an inviting seating option for patient areas. Comfortable, compact, and mobile, it is inspired by extensive research at the core of this design. Its scale, function, flexibility, and ease of use make it a practical choice for healthcare environments. Affixed to closed casters for optimal mobility, it gives off clear visual cues for braking and steering. Available in an arcade back or wingback design.

Patient room with a Nemschoff Ava Recliner in a brown upholstery with a Nemschoff Palisade Flop Sofa with a Steps Lounge System Table.

Comfortable and comforting

In a healthcare setting, having an option to recline gives patients or guests a chance to relax, relieve stress, or just get comfortable. The Ava Recliner is designed to give comfort to both mind and body.

An Ava Recliner with Slate Gray urethane arm caps, Folkstone Gray powder-coated aluminum arms, and Arcadeback style headrest.

Made to be easy

Infinite back adjustments, easy-to-use controls, and reverse recline make the Ava Recliner well-equipped to provide the comfort and support patients need. Pivoting arms and dual-arm controls allow users of various abilities to recline in comfort.

An exam room with Mora System casework in a light wood laminate, a blue Nemschoff Ava patient recliner, an Intent Solution wall unit and mobile, height adjustable table, and a Nemschoff Brava side chair.

Maximum maneuverability, minimal footprint

Designed to move about in close quarters, the Ava Recliner can be maneuvered to suit changing situations, environments, and preferences—in large or small areas.


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