Products by 5D Studio

5D Studio approaches design with open minds. David Ritch and Mark Saffell are receptive to insights and inspirations that might be found anywhere, anytime.

Such openness has been a crucial component of the array of products they’ve designed—seating, tables, desks, workstations, and more. “The challenge,” says Ritch, “is to recognize the insights or inspirations when they appear and incorporate them appropriately into solutions.”

“The challenge is to recognize the insights or inspirations when they appear.”

—David Ritch

The typical design process at 5D Studio, including that of the Ava Recliner, involves recognizing a problem, understanding its essential components, and studying ways to alter the situation through good design. They strive to achieve a subtle balance that is grounded in function and expressive and evocative in form. 5D Studio has been designing for the healthcare, contract, and residential markets for 15 years.