Nemschoff Riva Family

A window filled waiting area featuring Nemschoff Riva Armchairs, Sofas, and Side Tables.

Seating and tables that let guests lounge in style

The Nemschoff Riva Family consists of coordinating lounge seating and tables that offer a striking contemporary style. Welcome guests in waiting areas and lobbies with a variety of seating configurations to meet your needs, all with the added bonus of durability and comfortable support.

A Riva Sofa in a yellow textile with brushed metal legs.

Every Element Works Together

Riva offers multiple configurations in one-, two-, and three-seat models for both seating and benches. Every piece has a signature bold contemporary style and stainless steel base, which means it’s easy to create a consistent design across your floorplate.

A Riva Bench in light textile with brushed metal legs.

Made to Last

A clean-out design allows for easy maintenance while the stainless steel base adds to the durability. And replaceable components extend the life even further, allowing for a quick change on-site.

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