Designed by Jess Sorel

Nemschoff Palisade Easy Access Multiple Seating

Three-quarter front view of Nemschoff Palisade Easy Access on white sweep.

Access for all

More than six inches higher than standard seating, Palisade Easy Access Multiple Seating eases the transition between sitting and standing in healthcare reception and waiting areas. A table option offers guests a place to set their belongings while they wait. Supportive arms and a footrest add to the comfort and accessibility of the design.

Nemschoff Palisade Easy Access Plus Seating with a divider arm on the right dividing the plus seat and a single easy access seat.

Accessible comfort

Solid surface arm caps and an ergonomic footrest add comfort and accessibility. The increased seat height minimizes hip and knee movement. The footrest reduces pressure on the body. Sturdy arms help patients get in and out of the chair with ease.

Environment view of the Nemschoff Palisade Collection featuring Palisade Easy Access Multiple seating.

Designed to integrate

Easy Access Multiple Seating is part of the Palisade Collection. Designers can create diverse settings with the line of seating, screens, benches, and tables. They all integrate beautifully for a welcoming environment.


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“My hope is to have a positive impact on transforming people’s experience in the context of healthcare environments.”

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