A Working Living Room

Pastel-colored components from the ColourForm Sofa Group are configured below a trio of Nelson Bubble Lamps to give this lounge area a residential feel.

The new lounge geometry Scholten & Baijings created for ColourForm Sofa Group helps this space achieve a level of functionality to match its level of polished eclecticism.

Two Striad Lounge Chairs face each other on either side of a Polygon Wire Table, in a casual brightly lit setting.

Striad Lounge Chairs combine comfort and support to provide an alternative work posture for people seeking a break from their desk without necessarily taking a break from the task at hand.

A close-up of the arm of a ColourForm sofa in a blue quilted textile.

With exposed wood details and optional quilted upholstery, ColourForm Sofa Group components have a sophisticated residential look. Used together in an office landscape, they can build privacy or community, and support working or meeting in comfort.

Featured Products and Materials

ColourForm Sofa Group

Product shown in multiple configurations and upholstery textiles.

Striad Lounge Chair

Product shown in Geiger Textiles Capri Stone with Chrome base.

Layer Tables

Product shown in various finishes.

Polygon Wire Table

Product shown in White.

Nelson Bubble Lamps

Product shown in Cigar, Pear, and Saucer pendant shapes.

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