Powering a classic

Originally designed in 1962, Eames Tandem Sling Seating has stood the test of time and provided a comfortable place for millions waiting in airports, train stations, and other public spaces throughout the years. Integrated power allows people to relax and plug in when they need it most, giving people a pleasing place to recharge, hassle-free.

Painless power

Walk through any airport, and you’ll find travelers sitting on the floor to charge their phones or huddled around a concentrated collection of outlets at the end of a run of seats. With the powered Eames Tandem Sling Seating, charging modules—each with USB and AC power options—are distributed evenly among seats and tables. LED illumination makes the seating an easy-to-spot charging oasis, allowing people to settle in and relax without having to hunt for power.

Eames Tandem Sling Seating
Eames Tandem Sling Seating

Easy care

With no stitch lines to gather dust, the Eames Tandem seats always look fresh and clean and require minimal maintenance. Interchangeable seat and back pads, along with the arm pads, can be easily replaced on site. The seating has been tested under Herman Miller’s rigorous standards, is backed by a 12-year warranty, and has proven its durability every day and around the clock for more than 50 years.

Improving the airport experience

When outlets in airports are not integrated and adjacent to seating, 88% of available plugs go unused at any given time. By powering Eames Tandem Sling Seating, we’re carrying the problem-solving spirit of Charles and Ray Eames into the future. The updated table design—also outfitted with power—and padded seats help people settle in and stay comfortable for even the longest of waits.

Eames Tandem Sling Seating