Pleasing to the eye, comforting to the body

This is a sofa to brighten a room, to be happy and relax on. You look at its 18 10-inch “marshmallow” cushions and you can’t help but smile. It’s been that way since it began turning heads in 1956, when the Nelson Marshmallow sofa was described in our catalog this way: “Despite its astonishing appearance, this piece is very comfortable.”

Drama and utility

The Marshmallow sofa can make a playful or dramatic statement in a lobby, lounge, or living room. Its whimsical design includes 18 round, comfortable cushions that seem to float on the brushed tubular steel frame.

An angled view of a white leather Nelson Marshmallow Sofa, showing how the round cushions seem to float.

Choose from among a wide variety of fabrics and leathers to create the look you want. Dramatic black leather. Playful orange or bright red fabric. The cushions detach for easy cleaning or, as the original catalog says, “interchanged to equalize wear.” You can also change the cushions to create a new look.

A Nelson Marshmallow Sofa upholstered in red fabric, viewed from a 45-degree angle.

The brushed tubular steel frame with satin black legs provides a strong, durable base, making the sofa appropriate for high-traffic areas.

A black leather Nelson Marshmallow Sofa, viewed from a 45-degree angle that includes its shadow.