A close-up of various parts of Overlay next to each other such as the birch wood slats, white structure with blue fabric, and gray trellis.


A graphic of a three-sided Overlay space, an enclosed Overlay room, and an enclosed Overlay room with the trellis.


6' x 4'—16' x 16', 12" increments
Height without Trellis: 7' 6"
Height with Trellis: 7' 10"


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Frames, Perforated Metal, Trellis



Hard Wood

Wood Slats


Explore the many ways you can customize Overlay.


A graphic of an enclosed Overlay room. The left and right walls are colored gray to identify the performance walls.

Performance Wall

This workhorse wall holds and distributes power and data and can mount a digital display. It always needs to be fully cladded with a solid material.

A graphic of an enclosed Overlay room. The back and front walls are colored gray to identify the spanner zones.

Spanner Zone

Configure this zone to be as open or closed off to the office as you need. Outfit it in solid cladding, porous materials, or your own custom solution.

A close-up of dark blue fabric on Overlay's white structure.


Performance Wall
Spanner Zone

A close-up of walnut woodgrain laminate on Overlay's white structure.


Performance Wall
Spanner Zone

A close-up of white markerboard with a square drawing on it on Overlay's white structure.


Performance Wall
Spanner Zone

A close-up of walnut wood slats on Overlay's white structure.

Wood Slats

Spanner Zone

A close-up of gray perforated metal on Overlay's white structure.

Perforated Metal

Spanner Zone

A close-up of the glass track with glass installed on Overlay's white structure.

Glass Mount

Spanner Zone

A close-up of a gray curtain on Overlay's white structure.

Curtain Track

Spanner Zone

A close-up of colorful geometric pattern print on Overlay's white structure.

Custom Solution

Spanner Zone

Additional Features

A close-up of some gray trellis that is placed on top of the Overlay structure.


Increases acoustic privacy for people both inside and out.

A close-up of a white, rectangular, overhead light that's hanging from the ceiling of the Overlay structure.

Linear Light

Brightens the space.

A close-up of a thin, gray rail with a blue tackable board hanging on it.

Lite Rail

Holds movable Exclave markerboards and tackboards.

A close-up of a large monitor mounted on a light gray Overlay fabric wall.

Monitor Mount

Holds a monitor for reviewing digital content.

Two arrows in a circle to symbolize sustainability.

We’re committed to sustainability in everything we do: the materials we use, our manufacturing processes, and our products’ recyclability.

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