Adapting to a changing world

Over the past half-century, two things have remained constant: Work continues to change and Action Office makes it simple for organizations to manage that change. From the introduction of computers to new understandings of the importance of choice and variety in the workplace, Action Office has helped individuals and organizations adapt.


Propst’s design for Action Office provided easy and ongoing revision—one that would keep pace with work as it evolved. Decades later, the world’s first open-plan office solution continues to be relevant and responsive, a proven performer that can support individual and collaborative work.

White Sayl ergonomic office chairs at Action Office workstations with storage pedestals near a pair of Action Office private offices.
Black Aeron ergonomic desk chairs at Action Office workstations in an open office.


Action Office provides you with a return on investment through its long-term use, durability, low cost, and ability to reconfigure and update easily. The interchangeable panels and components fit together perfectly, and reusability of components has always been a criterion for enhancements.


Versatile and hardworking, Action Office provides exceptional value and return on investment. It’s a straightforward, hassle-free solution—easy to understand and order, and quick to install and reconfigure.

Action Office workstations with glass dividing walls with black Mirra 2 ergonomic desk chairs.


Consider additional protection on select products from odor- and stain-causing mold, mildew, algae, and bacteria.

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