Canvas Channel

A Canvas Channel setting in dark green with lower storage, Motia height-adjustable tables, and black Aeron office chairs.

Take a streamlined approach

Canvas Channel is a streamlined, freestanding structure with intuitive access to power and data. It provides simple, linear boundaries for individual workstations or group settings—and utilizes height-adjustable desks and freestanding storage with ease. Multiple material options provide harmony with the rest of Canvas Office Landscape.

An office with Canvas Channel workstations with blue fabric screens and white desks near a lounge seating area.

Define Boundaries

Choose from linear, 90-, or 120-degree arrangements to establish boundaries in your office.

A close-up image of power access in a blue fabric boundary on a Canvas Channel workstation.

Power to the Workstation

Give people intuitive connection to technology with Canvas Channel. The freestanding, seamless design allows for power access points at any position along the channel.

An office with Canvas Channel and Canvas Wall workstations with glass screens, white desks, lower storage, and white Mirra 2 office chairs.

Works Well with Others

Canvas Channel is designed to complement height-adjustable tables and storage to create flexible, accommodating workstations. The entire Canvas family blends seamlessly with Herman Miller’s broad range of office and ancillary furnishings.


Work surfaces, supports, storage, boundaries, and more. See what makes up Canvas Channel.

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Shared Workspaces

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A shared workspace that positions people at angles to decrease visual distraction and encourages healthy transitions between sitting and standing postures throughout the day

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