Canvas Lookbook

Canvas Office Landscape—our largest, most flexible, and most adaptable workstation platform—empowers activities across the entire office. Get inspired by ideas for Canvas settings across the office, and get design resources to help you plan.

  • Individual Workstations

    A Canvas Dock workstation with upper storage, gallery panels, and gray Mirra 2 office chairs. Select to go to the Individual Workstations page within the Canvas Lookbook. Traditional desks get an upgrade with our Canvas family, including Wall, Dock, Beam, Storage, and Vista.
  • Collaborative Workspaces

    th_ebr_can_collaborative_workspaces.jpg Bring people together in settings that promote collaboration. Canvas Office Landscape products, including Group, Beam, and Dock, create spaces for teaming up, pooling resources, and putting heads together.
  • Private Workspaces

    A Canvas Private Office with light wood storage, upper shelves, a black Aeron office chair, and a blue Eames Molded Plastic side chair. Select to go to the Private Workspaces page within the Canvas Lookbook. Canvas Private Office is ideal for focused work, relaxation, and content creation. With visible boundaries, these spaces set parameters without feeling closed off from the rest of the office.
  • Impromptu Meeting Spaces

    A Canvas Group display wall with a standing height collaboration table and gray Setu office stools. Select to go to the Impromptu Meeting Spaces page within the Canvas Lookbook. When the need to meet arises and a conference room isn’t available, an impromptu meeting space is the perfect place to connect quickly. Use Canvas Group to create collaborative spaces close to individual work areas within open floor plans.
  • Shared Workspaces

    A Canvas Channel workstation with 120-degree configuration, Renew standing desks, and light gray Aeron office chairs with a collaborative space in the background. Select to go to the Shared Workspaces page within the Canvas Lookbook. Coworking spaces should provide power access, agile surfaces, and personal storage for different people throughout the day. Use Canvas Vista—as well as Beam, Wall, and Channel—to create one-size-fits-all free address workspaces for people as they come and go.
  • Small Workstations

    A Canvas Vista workstation with black Aeron office chairs in the foreground and a Canvas Vista collaborative space with display unit in the background. Select to go to the Small Workstations page within the Canvas Lookbook. Small workstations that feel big and inviting can maximize your real estate and optimize your people’s experience. Use Canvas products like Vista and Beam to create efficient spaces that pack power and perks in a small footprint.