How to Catalyze the Workplace for Growth

When research on your people and their work informs your office design, it becomes a powerful tool for organizational growth.

Three people have a dicussion in an office designed based on research on people's needs and daily work activities.

How Workplace Design Enhances Employee Effectiveness

Aggregated results from our study of workplace redesigns show improvements in employee effectiveness.

Leesman Index for Workplace Effectiveness

We partnered with an independent, global benchmarking service that gathers and analyzes data on workplace effectiveness from thousands of organizations.

Two people talk in a lounge area with framed magazine covers and ads on the wall.

Scores for Herman Miller Research Partners

56 Before Redesign
76 After Redesign
62.1 Global Benchmark

Organizations with scores of above 70 provide excellent support for people and consistently outperform those organizations that only achieve the global benchmark.

Employee Experience Survey

Before and after each redesign, we asked people how well the workplace was enabling their daily work activities and fulfilling their expectations.

My workplace helps me be more productive.

25% increase

Infographics that show responses to employee survey questions. After redesign, 25% more people agreed that the workplace helps them feel more productive.

My workplace gives me a sense of community.

28% increase

Infographics that show responses to employee survey questions. After redesign, 28% more people said that the workplace gives them a sense of community.

Three Takeaways from Our Research

Our findings, validated by the largest set of workplace data in the world, show that when research on people and work informs your office design, it becomes a powerful tool for organizational growth. Here’s how.

Man and two women collaborating in arrangement of red Public Office Landscape seating.

People who inhabit research-based workplaces tell us they are more creative and collaborative, and they approach their work with more productivity and efficiency.

Architects at MASS Design collaborating at conference table lined with green and yellow Eames Shell Chairs.

Organizations that invest in workplace research and use it to inform their office designs make more efficient use of their real estate and report measureable improvements in everything from employee retention to innovation.

Two women and a man working together on a striped Tuxedo Sofa and Eames Lounge Chair at Tavistock Development Company.

As smart workplace capabilities evolve, real-time data on space utilization and employee well-being will increasingly allow your workplace to immediately respond to people’s needs and efficiently adapt to the changing demands of your business.

Explore More Findings from Our Workplace Research

Give Ideas Room to Grow

If you’re in the market for an innovation boom, start by removing unintentional barriers between people and ideas.

Ignite Innovation

Be an Efficiency Expert

Efficiency isn’t about more or less space, it’s about using the space you have to create a seamless workflow for people.

Enhance Efficiency

Create a Center of Attraction

One of the biggest benefits you can offer people—and a major differentiator that you may be overlooking—is a connective and fulfilling workplace.

Be Attractive

Focus on Building Your Brand

A workplace that’s laser-focused on expressing who you are and what you do can help you build strong relationships with customers and employees.

Boost Your Brand

Analyze Your Workplace

If you’d like to meet with a consultant to discuss how workplace design can help you reach your business goals, let us know. You’ll also receive a copy of our full research report and other Herman Miller news and insights.

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