Healthcare Lookbook

Get inspired by ideas for healthcare settings across the entire floorplate.

Exam Rooms

Set the stage for connection in versatile, comfortable exam rooms. Products like Intent Solution, Mora System casework, and Ava Recliners help create spaces for a wide range of exams, consultations, and conversations.

Patient Rooms

Put patients first—without sacrificing the needs of physicians, nurses, and staff. Products like the Compass System casework and Ava Recliners help create rooms that revolve around patients and their satisfaction while optimizing caregivers’ effectiveness and experience.

Nurses Stations

Care teams need workstations that help them be efficient, productive, and organized as they help patients through their care journey. Products like Commend Nurses Stations and Mora System casework create a hard-working base of operations for clinicians.

Healthcare Seating

Patients and their families need welcoming, versatile places to visit and heal. Use products like Verus Plus side chair, Palisade Flop Sofa, and Nala Patient Chairs to increase comfort and connection during recovery.

Waiting Areas

Create comfortable waiting areas and lobbies that serve the needs of a wide range of people. Products like Palisade Easy Access chairs and Palisade Side Tables offer a wide variety of seating choices that are aesthetically pleasing and accessible for everyone.

Administrative Areas

Give your staff effective workspaces that help them feel healthy and valued. With products like Canvas Office Landscape, Cosm office chairs, and Motia standing desks—all developed from decades of workplace expertise—you can optimize organizational efficiency and provide a better work experience.


Ensure efficient, accurate results and adjust on the fly as processes and technologies change. Co/Struc System offers a durable, modular solution for labs that need to always be delivering and evolving.

Materials Management

Reduce waste and lower the expense of supplies with an intuitive, customizable materials management system. Co/Struc System combines with Procedure and Supply Carts to provide nurses, physicians, and staff with what they need, when and where they need it.


For a pharmacy to stay reliable and accurate, you need the ability to reconfigure its setup to adjust processes and optimize efficiency. The intuitive, adaptable Co/Struc System combines with Procedure and Supply Carts to ensure that layout changes never compromise dependability.