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“Our visit was a valuable investment not just for the hard data and references, but also 
for the human experience. We are quickly putting to good use the lessons learned.”

David J. Boome
System Director
Facility Planning & Construction Management
Norton Healthcare

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See your project in a new way

Building a new healthcare space is likely one of the most rewarding projects you’ll ever take on—and one of the most challenging. Along the journey, we believe it’s important to step back and see the potential for your project to positively affect how people think, work, and heal.

We’re passionate about these opportunities. So much so that we’ve created the Herman Miller Healthcare Experience Center, a first-of-its-kind collaborative environment devoted to helping you achieve the transformative power of space.

“Being offsite, you turn off your phone and focus on your project in a way that you can’t in the hospital. That was invaluable for our team.”

Todd Cohen
Director of Special Projects
Montgomery General Hospital

Time well spent

The Healthcare Experience Center provides a unique opportunity to collaborate with Herman Miller Healthcare’s team of design, clinical, research, and product experts. Together, we’ll develop solutions that positively affect critical issues such as staff workflow and efficiency, patient comfort and privacy, infection prevention, and adaptability. Our dialogue is guided by your project plans, so everything is tailored to your project’s unique needs.

“We help customers see space in a strategic way—how it can positively affect issues such as patient safety and staff satisfaction.”

Roger Call
Healthcare Architecture + Design
Herman Miller Healthcare


Tailored to your project

Your visit to the Healthcare Experience Center is energizing and hands-on, and tailored to the needs of your project. Your day begins in the Living Room—a comfortable setting in which your host team provides the context for the day. Next, we move into the Studio where our team of experts facilitates a group brainstorm about the opportunities unique to your project.

The afternoon is focused on a tour of our inspired and realistic ambulatory and acute care settings, representing the industry’s most comprehensive product offering.


Getting ready

Two weeks before you arrive, we ask that you send us relevant materials including floorplans, drawings, and any other project documents, through a private, password-protected portal. This allows us to review your needs and tailor your agenda and host team accordingly.

To make your experience as valuable as possible, we suggest you consider a few questions before your visit. Jot down your responses to the thought-starters in this brief prep book, and bring your notes with you.

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