Designed by Sam Hecht and Kim Colin

Formwork Tray, Large and Small

Profile view of the large version of a white Formwork Tray with a deep rear compartment and cantilevered front compartment.

Designed for easy access and organization

The small version of a white Formwork Tray, with pencils in the rear compartment and coins on the cantilevered ledge.

Formwork Tray, Large and Small

Sam Hecht and Kim Colin approached the design of Formwork and its Large and Small Trays by examining the items that populate our lives and our desks. In their design for the line’s trays, they gave each tray a cantilevered ledge to allow the placement of items in order of usefulness—giving you ready access to some things and letting you place others in the background.

The entire family

Formwork stackable desktop storage designed by Sam Hecht and Kim Colin helps you bring order to your papers, tools, and artifacts. With shapes and sizes that were rigorously considered to relate an intuitive sense of utility, the accessories may be stacked and combined in any way you see fit.

Several Formwork desktop storage elements on a three-shelf Magis Steelwood Shelving System.

Formwork: Stackable Desktop Storage

Designed by Sam Hecht and Kim Colin to help you bring order to papers, tools, and artifacts.

A variety of forms for a versatile workspace

Balancing meticulous attention to details with a thoughtful consideration of context, Sam Hecht and Kim Colin created Formwork in varying permutations, allowing some items to be kept out of view, while others remain within reach, based on aesthetic considerations or frequency of use. The sophisticated forms, material production, and color palette indicate a level of thoughtfulness rarely brought to desktop goods. Each form is shaped in ABS plastic. Some pieces also include a non-slip silicone base.

Five Formwork desktop storage elements, each seemingly hovering above another.
Product Designers Sam Hecht and Kim Colin

“The true nature of what serves us on a daily basis is far more varied than we might have imagined.”

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