Designed by Brian Alexander

Logic Power Access Solutions

USB-A port, USB-C port with cable, and five A/C power outlets with one cable plugged into an embedded table power source.

Intuitive connections between people and their technology

Product Story

At Herman Miller, we believe that for people to do their best work, technology should be human- centered, easy to use, and seamlessly integrated into every Living Office Setting. Logic achieves this by fostering intuitive connections between people and technology. Its simple design blends into any surface and offers a consistent experience across settings. Everything about Logic is exactly as it should be—so natural to use that you’ll almost forget it’s there.

USB-A port, USB-C port with cable, and five A/C power outlets with one cable plugged into an embedded table power source.
USB-A port and cable, USB-C port, and four A/C power outlets with two cables plugged into an attached table power source.

A consistent experience

Logic fosters consistent interactions with power and data, helping people work, meet, and create—in any space and on any surface. A range of sizes and configurations enables a uniform experience of connectivity in all settings. Surface clamp, grommet mount, and furrow mount options ensure that Logic seamlessly integrates with any work surface.

Intuitive interactions

Logic is thoughtfully designed to create fluid and intuitive experiences for the people who connect with it, as well as for specifiers and installers. Each element—from the power outlets to the built-in cable keeper—is oriented exactly the way you would expect. Even the powered USB will enhance your work; it’s capable of charging two devices at full speed, so you can work more quickly and naturally. Available in both USB-A and USB-C.

Hand opening an embedded table power source with USB-A port, USB-C port, and five A/C power outlets.
A pop-up Logic power port in the closed position, its lid flush with the work surface.

Organized and accessible

In today’s digitized world of work, every point of connection is often a point of cable clutter. Logic intelligently manages cords and connections—organizing them below the work surface, hiding them from view, and affording you the space you need to work and create. When the time comes to charge a device or connect to the network, everything is at your fingertips, housed in an easy-to-access tray. The cable organizer is also accessible from below the work surface, making adjustments quick and simple.

A grommet-mounted Logic power port in the closed position with a USB cable protruding.

A different approach to data

Many power and data solutions offered today fail because they don't properly address a wide variety of issues with data connectivity, such as cable clutter, the rapid evolution of technology, and overall quality of connections. Logic Power Access Solutions addresses these challenges by offering a smarter and more efficient approach.

Design Story

While developing a power solution that would seamlessly blend with the entire Living Office portfolio, designer Brian Alexander observed that places where we access power evolve into points of accumulation for cables and connectors. His solution, Logic, accommodates connections and organizes the clutter they bring with them.

“Even small moments like connecting with technology can be a welcome interaction,” says Alexander. “The experience should be so intuitive that in a day of a thousand events, it’s one less thing workers need to think about.”

Logic offers fluid connections to power and data in a multitude of scenarios. Says Alexander of the design’s flexibility, “Access to and organization of technology is very personal. You have to establish a common logic knowing everyone will use it differently.”

Product designer Brian Alexander at work in his studio.