Procedure and Supply Carts

Group of Procedure and Supply Carts including L Cart, double-wide cart, supply cart, and technology cart in light gray body with dark gray drawers.

Just what you need, all within reach

Caregivers who have the tools they need to support their workflow can elevate the experience of care for everyone. Procedure and Supply Carts put supplies exactly where people need them, helping them work more efficiently. Need to switch things up? These mobile carts have easily interchangeable drawers, shelves, and accessories across the entire offering.

Locked supply cart with blue drawers in a patient room with a Compass System headwall.

Change It Up

These mobile storage carts offer a variety of body styles and a wide selection of modular, lightweight, interchangeable interior components and exterior accessories. Create any type of storage unit—whether that’s a supply cart, utility cart, or technology cart. When people’s needs change, just switch the components to suit the task at hand.

Detail of Procedure and Supply Cart in a soft white body and dark blue drawers with the top drawer open showing organizational subcontainers.

Put It through the Test

These storage units are made of highly durable, high-impact polystyrene over a steel frame. And all interior components and accessories are removable, making it easy to access every surface, inside and out, for cleaning.

Access the Supplies You Need

With a design that places supplies right at the point of use, these storage carts reduce hunting and gathering and shorten back-and-forth trips for staff. Drawers, shelves, and subcontainers combine in a variety of ways to efficiently organize large and small supplies.


Procedure and Supply Carts

Adaptable and reconfigurable Procedure and Supply Carts help caregivers be efficient and effective.

A line drawing of a single-wide supply cart with a keyless lock.


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