A much better chair

Designing the Limerick chair allowed Tom Newhouse to exercise two of his passions—the study of emerging office issues and the implementation of socially conscious, green design concepts.


Profile view of a black Limerick side chair, showing the sled base.

He observed that temporary seating was being used in offices more and more, so he made Limerick chairs light, stackable, and easy to move. But then he added something unexpected. He made Limerick chairs highly ergonomic, a feature rarely found in side chairs.

And because one of Newhouse’s highest priorities is preserving the environment, he made the chairs 100% recyclable. “I have been passionate on this issue for many years,“ he says, ”and thats one reason why I love to work with Herman Miller.”

Product Designer Tom Newhouse

“I can’t remember a time when I wasn’t planning, designing, and building.”

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Product designer Tom Newhouse gestures before a chalkboard.