Designed by Konstantin Grcic for Mattiazzi

Mattiazzi Primo Stool

A light colored, bar height Mattiazzi Primo Stool.

Assertively vertical for a strong, architectural presence

A black, bar height Mattiazzi Primo Stool.

Mattiazzi Primo Stool

An exemplar of the logic and honesty characteristic of Konstantin Grcic designs, Mattiazzi Primo Stools convey in strikingly simple gestures the essence of the archetypal wooden barstool. Their strictly upright stance, disturbed only by the seat and curved backrest, lends a strong architectural presence to hospitality spaces or any setting where these bar- or counter-height stools are used. The range of finishes complement those available for the Mattiazzi Primo Chair and Table. An optional leather seat is available on oak stools.

“I think a chair that has completely vertical front and back legs has a very different presence. It relates to space and architecture.”

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