Designed by Brian Alexander

Nevi Link

A Nevi Link standing desk system with a black Aeron office chair, privacy screens, monitors, and rectangular work surfaces. Two of the four desks are raised to standing height.

A stand-out standing desk system

Fit more people into your office without sacrificing their comfort with Nevi Link. This system of sit-to-stand desks encourages regular movement and condenses your real estate footprint through a streamlined design. It’s how we’re helping you create an active and efficient office and a healthy bottom line.

An office setting with a Nevi Link standing desk system with 120-degree work surfaces in the foreground and Canvas Channel with Nevi standing desks in the background.

Enhance Employee Health

Most people are inactive for over 21 hours a day, which can lead to fatigue and health problems. Nevi Link encourages regular movement from seated to standing and back again, boosting energy levels and productivity for people.

A Nevi Link standing desk system with white legs, white rectangular work surfaces, and gray screens. One of the four desks is raised to standing height.

Optimize Your Real Estate

Reduce your real estate footprint without sacrificing people’s comfort with Nevi Link. More people can sit at Nevi Link, and they can do so comfortably with the sit-to-stand desks’ ergonomic features.

An office setting with a Nevi Link standing desk system in the foreground with white rectangular work surfaces and black Aeron office chairs, and a lounge area with Eames shell chairs and bookcase in the background. One of the four desks is raised to standing height.

Invest in Your People

Scale Nevi Link to any application with multiple configurations and options for cable management. Nevi’s efficient design means you have more to invest in the spaces and tools people need to thrive—collaborative settings with a residential vibe, multi-functional conference rooms, or more standing desk systems.


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