Designed by Jeffrey Bernett and Nicholas Dodziuk

Canvas Group

A Canvas Group collaboration space with a whiteboard, display, and storage.

Feel free to collaborate

Canvas Group helps people work together and provides space to house the tools they need to collaborate. With these versatile furniture configurations, you can create places for connection throughout an open office and tailor settings to the needs of specific teams.

A Canvas Group display wall with a display, writable surfaces, blue Eames office chairs, and freestanding screens.

Create Space for Collaboration

Canvas Group is a smart addition to an open plan, creating natural spaces to connect after meetings or to put your heads together before a presentation—all right next to individual work areas.

A close-up image of power access in the base of Canvas Group.

Power to the Workspace

The versatile design of Canvas Group lets you route power to equipment and manage cords effortlessly.

A Canvas Group display wall with grey Lino stools and grey boundary screen near a Canvas Beam project table.

All the Tools You’ll Need

Canvas Group equips people with everything they need to share, display, create, and store in a space that’s primed for interaction.


Surfaces, storage, and more. See what makes up Canvas Group.

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