The Integrated Modular Medical Support System (IMMSS) contract is one of the U.S. Army's Tool Box Contracts for World Wide Army Medical Treatment and Research Facilities.

Contract number: W912DY-17-A-0002
Effective: April 4, 2017,  through April 3, 2022

Herman Miller products available through IMMSS allow for integrated facility solutions with flexibility to accommodate changing medical technology and functional requirements. Products are modular and capable of being relocated anywhere within the facility, avoiding obsolescence due to changes of operation, equipment, and personnel needs. They are durable, flexible, safe, have a professional appearance, and are functional within the healthcare setting.

A wide selection of products and system components meets clinical, administrative, pharmaceutical, laboratory, nurses’ station, behavioral health, and material handling requirements.

Huntsville provides a complete Design team, who work with each facility to establish their requirements. The Army Medical standards are established using the DOD JSN typicals, and have developed standards for all Army Medical facilities. They work with each facility to establish standards to meet the mission of the facility.

All projects are managed by the Corps of Engineers in Huntsville. They are responsible for issuing the RFQs for all projects, and for the award and management of each.

Benefits to the Army
Herman Miller provides the highest quality product at the lowest discounted costs available under the IMMSS contract.

IMMSS reduces the Army's procurement costs. For facilities that have an installed base of Herman Miller products, there is no need to administer the bid process or bid protest, products and services are from one source, a UNICOR waiver does not have to be prepared and defended for each procurement, and it permits greater control over the entire procurement process as certainty of outcomes can be predicted.

Experts, including nurse and clinical consultants, are available to solve design issues.

Because of Herman Miller's product breadth provided under this contract—a complete range of clinical, materials management, and administrative solutions—design efforts can focus on an integrated solution at the concept phase, reducing the need for modifications later in the process.

Inventory management can be significantly improved. Prior to IMMSS, there was not an easy procurement vehicle to obtain inventory services. Under the Restorative Services section of the IMMSS contract, there are a number of services, including inventory. This permits Herman Miller for Healthcare to provide inventory services of existing component systems at project locations. Inventory services may include item identification (tagging), consolidated inventory lists, sub-component product repair, and organization services.

The Army does not have to negotiate separate contracts for inventory services, panel fabric replacement services, clinical and functional analysis services, transportation services (overseas), warehousing services, and extended installation services. These services are all available under the IMMSS contract.

IMMSS Program Manager

Edward G. "JR" Teer
Tel 256 895 1255

Herman Miller Contact

Char Oosting
Tel 616 654 3736
Fax 616 654 7811