GSA Laboratory Furniture includes the complete line of Herman Miller for Healthcare Co/Struc, Laboratory furniture, and Casework product lines. Design, Installation, Re-configuration, and Project Management services are included as part of the contract and are available for purchase along with products on contract.

Products on contract are used throughout the facility: Ambulatory Care, Critical Care, Laboratory, Emergency Department, Materials Management, Pharmacy, Patient Care, Surgical Services, and others.

Co/Struc is the original clinical modular-based storage system. Many aspects of its design--drawers that interchange with other Herman Miller healthcare storage and transport products, modular components that permit users to arrange an environment to support individual work processes, built-in flexibility that accommodates future change--enable it to support increased productivity and reduced labor costs.

Our flexible, movable lab casework system helps labs keep pace with change. It can be easily rearranged, it provides quick access to utilities when adding new equipment, it maximizes space above and below work surfaces, and it supports specialized processes with customized, ergonomic work areas.

Herman Miller Casework includes a series of overhead cabinets, storage cabinets, base units, and work surfaces with backsplashes. Compatible finishes and interchangeable components allow our casework system to complement and integrate with our movable modular product offering.