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Product Story

Adding to the Nelson Thin Edge storage portfolio, an expanded set of options present the opportunity to bring the quintessential Nelson aesthetic into the bedroom and beyond. It was George Nelson’s ongoing endeavor to standardize and organize the objects of everyday life and to do it in a minimal and practical way. Creating elegant storage options was a significant part of his life’s work, as were his delightful sofas and chairs.

Sixty years since they were first available, these classic pieces have been updated to employ environmentally sustainable veneers and finishing processes without compromising the original design. Variations of a double dresser, a bedside table and a combination of a chest and cabinet allow for easy and elegant decluttering in the bedroom.

Nelson Thin Edge Group

Different Nooks, Different Roles

For the snug, intimate corner next to a bed, the Nelson Thin Edge Bedside Table provides a surface for a bedside lamp, books, and a drawer to stow away trinkets. The deep and wide drawers of the Double Dresser provide ample storage space while its minimal frame maintains a compact look. And a clever combination of drawers and shelves in the Chest Cabinet allows for things of different sizes and dimensions to be organized easily and creatively.

Nelson Thin Edge Group

Crafted Details

Drawers built in a solid wood construction are set on soft slides for easy movement. Slim aluminum legs raise the volume above ground giving it a light, compact aesthetic as well as a classic mid-century modern look.

Nelson Thin Edge Group

Textured Choices

Available in a variety of finishes, the Nelson Thin Edge Storage pieces effortlessly complement modern décor. Cases are finished with a matte black back or can be veneered if they are to be used in freestanding space.

Design Story

In 1944, Life magazine published an extensive article detailing the Storage Wall, George Nelson's novel architectural concept for American homes that proposed to make walls thicker so that they could double as a place to put things away. The piece caught the eye of Herman Miller founder D.J. De Pree, who was searching for a design director after the sudden death of Gilbert Rohde, and Nelson soon had the job. He went on to work as Design Director at Herman Miller for over 25 years. During this time he examined the problems people faced in their homes and offices and designed new types of furniture to address those needs.

From Storage Wall to Cabinet Series
The Storage Wall concept was the forerunner to a series of cabinets that Nelson designed over the years. The Rosewood Cabinet Series of 1952 represents a synthesis of Nelson's approach to modular storage furniture with a heightened attention to quality and craftsmanship. As the range of veneers expanded and design details were standardized, the group was renamed in 1958 after the feature that gives them their unique aesthetic quality—the thin edge that frames the doors and drawers. Today, we have updated these classic pieces with environmentally supportable veneers and finishing processes while maintaining the original design.