Light, stackable and easy to move

Your problem is too much to bear: You manage a facility in which chairs are always being moved. From meeting room to cafeteria to classrooms to another meeting area. Finding the lightweight Limerick chair, which stacks 36 high on a specially designed cart or 10 high on the floor, helps your office run more easily and efficiently. And the chairs are attractive, comfortable, economical, and 100% recyclable . . . How’s that for a much better chair?

Stack high; pay low.

Limerick chairs show up in so many places because they deliver so much value for such a down-to-earth price. You can stack 10 chairs on the floor or move 36 of them stacked on a cart. Ganging glides let you link the chairs easily to make neat rows of seating for classrooms or auditoriums.

Three rows of black Limerick side chairs aligned with ganging glides.
Close view of a black Limerick side chair, showing the flexible back and the ventilation opening between the back and seat.

Unexpected comfort

Who expects comfort in a chair like this? You should. The seat and back are high and wide so the chair fits a large range of people. The back is curved and flexible, to provide lumbar support and flex subtly as you move in the seat. An opening between the back and seat provides ventilation—and makes the chair easy to carry.

The double-front cross bars are positioned so that nothing interferes with moving your legs and ankles while you sit. They also make the chair extra-sturdy.

They fit in

The chair’s slender profile fits nicely in any office environment. Frames are black; shells are available in four colors.

Light gray Limerick side chair, viewed from a 45-degree angle.