Pari Freestanding Screens

Viewed at an angle, two gray fabric Pari freestanding privacy screens connected in a L-shape configuration with a settee, end table, and lamp in it.

A versatile screen to delineate space and provide privacy

Available in a variety of heights, Pari Freestanding Screens can be used to create settings across the office, from individual workspaces to small spaces where groups can work together.

Light blue fabric Pari freestanding privacy screens attached to the front and side of two desks connected to Canvas Dock.

Freestanding or Attachable

Pari Freestanding Screens can attach to surfaces or work as freestanding partitions, providing multiple ways to delineate space.

A workspace with Motia standing desks and light blue privacy screens integrated within Action Office System.

Works Across the Landscape

The privacy screens are tackable and share a frameless, thin profile, with complementary colors, providing a consistent aesthetic across settings and work with any Herman Miller product.

A line drawing of a Pari Freestanding Screen.


Dimensions, materials, connectors, and more. See what makes up Pari Freestanding Screens.

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