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Eames Rectangular Coffee Table

An Eames Rectangular Coffee Table with a white top and molded plywood legs in a medium finish.

Beauty and usefulness, in form and in spirit

An angled view of an Eames Rectangular Coffee Table with a light finish.

Eames Rectangular Coffee Table

The vision of Charles and Ray Eames to continually explore, refine, and discover is reflected in the Eames Rectangular Coffee Table, which features a new rectangular shape for their well-known molded plywood coffee table design.

The table’s legs find shape from the technique the duo invented to mold lightweight plywood veneer into gentle curves. Available in white laminate, walnut, ebony, or white ash, the design offers clean lines and elegant simplicity. In form and spirit, it brings beauty and usefulness to any living, working, or lounging environment.

Like many designs by Charles and Ray Eames, the Eames Molded Plywood Family is a result of a philosophy that views design as an ongoing journey of evolution, insight, and delight. For the designers, everything was a process and an exploration. When they married and began working together in the 1940s, part of their journey involved exploring seating solutions crafted from one piece of material—a curved, single-shell form in which the seat and back are one.

An Eames Rectangular Coffee Table with a white top and molded plywood legs in a medium finish.
An Eames Rectangular Coffee Table with a white top, viewed from the narrow end.

Along the way to realizing that form, they invented a breakthrough plywood-molding process. Sculpting a seat and back to fit the contours of the human body, while using relatively inexpensive materials and mass production, Charles and Ray created an inviting, innovative seat of unlikely comfort. Soon after, coffee tables and a folding screen joined the furniture family.

The details are not the details, they make the product.

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