A harmonious combination of elements to address a wide range of workplace needs

Consisting of a concise set of elements, Canvas simplifies the creation of varied settings to support the activities of individuals and groups. Its elements combine harmoniously in many different ways, so Canvas can address the widest possible range of workplace needs. The office becomes a place people want to be, and where they have the connections they need—with others and their tools—to do their best work.


Providing choices—to organizations and planners—is integral to Canvas. Perhaps more important, Canvas gives the freedom to create a variety of settings geared to the activities of workers, which fosters their engagement. Private offices, individual workspaces, open team and group areas that achieve a balance between privacy and connection—Canvas can do them all.

A variety of workplace settings including a private office, meeting space, and individual workstation, all using Canvas Office Landscape.

Canvas Wall

Canvas Wall elegantly divides space and distributes power and data. A variety of wall heights can be used to achieve more or less enclosure to support different degrees of focus and interaction in office landscapes that range from more traditional to open and collaborative.

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Canvas Dock

Canvas Dock gives organizations the flexibility to easily transition between a range of individual and group settings as work needs change. The dock is completely non-modular, allowing surfaces, storage, and screens to be placed at any point and then added or removed as needed.

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Private Office

Canvas Private Office supports the need for settings where people can go to focus, create, or relax. Whether a person’s private office or a place for collaborative meetings, these spaces are created from the same concise set of elements, allowing their use elsewhere in a Canvas environment.

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Canvas Beam

Canvas Beam offers a full range of linear planning options for instances where the efficient use of floor space is a key requirement. While answering the need for a small footprint, Canvas Beam, with its open design, maintains the individual’s comfort and sense of space.

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Canvas Storage

Multifunctional storage routes power and data from building to workspace, keeps essential work tools close at hand, and delineates space. The layering of surfaces and storage contributes to a residential feel. Guest seating for impromptu interactions adds another practical element.

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Canvas Group

Canvas Group is designed to create spaces for collaboration where it naturally happens in an open plan—near individual work areas. It offers a variety of collaborative tools and configurations that allow people to share display, create, and store to support their work activities.

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A collaborative space with blue and green Setu Chairs around a Canvas Office Landscape table holding fabric and material samples.


The most successful organizations integrate workplace, work, and worker into a balanced whole. The cohesive solution offered by Canvas creates anything from public spaces to private offices. Achieving aesthetic, social, and visual harmony across an entire office landscape to a degree that is unmatched, Canvas supports human connections that encourage creativity.


Canvas, with its concise set of elements that combine harmoniously, enables the creation of settings that bring people together and promote interaction. Equally important, Canvas supports all the forms of technology people use in the office, facilitating its use without being defined by it. By supporting and enabling technology, Canvas furthers the use of these tools to achieve a priority for a more natural and desirable workplace—enhancing human interaction.

Three pink Eames Molded Plastic rocking chairs facing a teleconferencing monitor that is supported by a Canvas Office Landscape storage unit.