Foundational insights

These insights about people, process, and place informed the development of this setting.

For people: Inclusive

The use of warm colors and a variety of seating options help to encourage positive interactions in both group work and social exchanges.

For process: Intuitive and Desirable

Providing convenient connection points for people whose work needs to be tightly integrated will improve team effectiveness. These areas can be differentiated in both form and materiality.

For place: Adaptable

Individual members of teams with high authority differentiation have less control over their professional lives, making it especially important to offer them control over their physical work environments.


For teams where both authority and skill differentiation levels are high, success depends on directing and integrating individual efforts to achieve a predetermined end-product. Their neighborhoods focus on design elements that facilitate interaction and coordinated effort.

Design characteristics

A scale with four sets of sliders that indicate the design characteristics of a setting. These sliders reveal this setting to be moderately adaptable, interactive, and interdependent, with an emphasis on supporting team members who are physically present in the space.

Use case details

Activity: Full range of individual and group activities

On-site: 12-18
Remote: Unlimited

Availability: Reservable

Duration: 0-4 hours

Area: 1,400 square feet

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