Foundational insights

These insights about people, process, and place informed the development of this setting.

For people: Inclusive

For the space to be usable by all participants, it must provide adequate circulation for assistive devices and alternative seating options such as ottomans that can support kneeling, elevating a sensitive leg, or keeping personal effects close at hand.

For process: Intuitive and Desirable

Seating options and personal laptop tables allow individuals to fine-tune their comfort, while a built-in cubby solution provides a place to neatly store tables when not in use.

For place: Adaptable

Mobile furnishings encourage users to make the space their own. Consistent placement of resident technology and tools across similar settings ensures the space remains easy to use, no matter how it’s configured.


As teams return to the office, in-person meetings will evolve. Adoption of video technologies has propelled this evolution, reshaping short-duration meetings, and untethering Meeting Spaces from conference tables. This enables freedom of movement, thought, and social connection, fusing the functions of Meeting Spaces and Workshops into one dynamic setting.

Design characteristics

A scale with four sets of sliders that indicate the design characteristics of a setting. These sliders show the space as being highly interactive and moderately adaptable while balancing independence and support for virtual team members.

Use case details

Activity: Co-Create, Divide & Conquer, Show & Tell, Converse

On-site: 6-8 co-located
Remote: 0-10

Availability: Reservable

Duration: From 2-4 hours to multiple days

Area: 420 square feet

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