Designed by Sam Hecht and Kim Colin

OE1 Powerbox and Power Tray

Three black OE1 Powerbox batteries docked on a black OE1 Power Tray, viewed from an angle.

Power your work, anywhere

With the OE1 Powerbox and Power Tray, you can work from anywhere for extended periods because you carry the power source with you. Each battery can power multiple small electronic devices simultaneously and, when paired with the Power Tray, can power large devices, including monitors.

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Provide power for small devices

Power small electronic devices anywhere you work, including communal tables or couches in the middle of a room, with the OE1 Powerbox. This mobile battery has three USB-C ports, one USB-A port, and a tracking device holder for easier facility management.

Grey OE1 Agile Wall, brown OE1 Huddle Table, white OE1 Storage Trolley and OE1 Powerbox and Power Tray, with a white background.

Power up large devices

Provide power to large devices in places that don't have easy access to routed power with the OE1 Powerbox and Power Tray. This combo is designed to fit on OE1 Storage Trolleys and other Herman Miller storage products.

Black OE1 Powerbox, viewed from an angle.

Be human and earth friendly

Stay true to your safety and sustainability goals with recyclable batteries. Because they don't include any heavy metals or toxic materials, they are less hazardous to the environment and easier to handle during the recycling process.

A line drawing - OE1 Powerbox


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The OE1 Workspace Collection

OE1 is optimized essentials for agility. Designed to help people experiment with space—and change rapidly for the future.

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Design Story

While designing OE1, Sam Hecht and Kim Colin deconstructed the traditional systems approach to office furniture. In the process, they created an agile collection that’s ready for action in a changing world of work.

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