Why couldn’t a desk do that?

People move, their chairs move, so why shouldn’t their desk, too? Named for the flexible work surface that slides to envelop a person while working, Envelop is the first desk designed to help human, chair, work surface, and technology be in harmony. Available with a standard pin-height adjustment or sit-to-stand height adjustable legs, it can support a full range of healthy seated and standing postures.

The eyes always win

Heavy computer use can be hard on the body. Even in an ergonomic task chair, a person may hunch, crouch, or lean in to help the eyes focus on the monitor—leading to back and neck pain, eyestrain, and fatigue. Envelop’s unique seven-degree tilt helps maintain the optimal distance from and viewing angle to a monitor. It also moves keyboard, pointing devices, and screen along with a person every time he or she moves, keeping eyes focused and body aligned in a variety of healthy, comfortable postures.

An angled, overhead view of a black-and-white Envelop adjustable desk.
An angled, overhead view of a man keying at an Envelop adjustable desk with the sliding work surface pulled forward.

Moving support

The sliding, flexible support surface (or “infield”) of this desk actually envelops a person, moving forward seven inches and pivoting down seven degrees to provide continuous flexible support for forearms and wrists. The soft, resilient surface reduces pressure while eliminating awkward wrist positions. Pair it with an ergonomic chair with a wide range of motion to provide healthy support through a wide range of seated postures.

A good fit

Envelop’s clean, harmonious design fits wherever needed: as a freestanding desk at home, in an office, or within a panel system. It’s also built to fit the human body, with a body pocket designed to accommodate from the fifth to 98th percentile of women and men, according to anthropomorphic data. Pin-height or electric sit-to-stand height adjustable legs expand the applications even farther.

An individual workstation featuring an Envelop adjustable desk, a black Aeron office chair, and overhead and base storage.