Designed by Jess Sorel

Nemschoff Palisade Flop Sofa

A Nemschoff Palisade Flop sofa in dark gray textile with white solid surface arms caps and white adjustable table with Durawrap top.

A place for family and friends

The Palisade Flop Sofa creates a dedicated and thoughtfully equipped setting within the patient room to encourage family and friends to participate in the healing process. Designed for round-the-clock use, the Flop Sofa converts from a sitting area to a separate sleeping surface quickly and easily. Optional technology support and added surfaces respond to the needs of guests while maintaining an efficient footprint.

A patient room with a blue Nemschoff Palisade Flop Sofa, a fully-upholstered blue Verus side chair, and a Mirage Overbed Table over a hospital bed.

Keeping the guest in mind

Thoughtfully designed features support the daily activities of guests whether they are socializing, relaxing, working, eating, or sleeping. Optional table and integrated technology support keep guests connected.

A Nemschoff Palisade Flop sofa converted to sleep surface in dark gray textile with white solid surface arms caps and white pillow and sheet.

Comfort in every detail

When families are accommodated, the patient is more comfortable and can focus on healing. Guests enjoy the support of the spring seat construction no matter if they are sitting or lying down. The back flops down for a comfortable sleep surface while maintaining an efficient footprint in the room.

Patient room featuring the Nemschoff Palisade Flop Sofa in a gray fabric, next to a Nemschoff Palisade Tote, Nemschoff Palisade Daystand, and patient bed.

Integrate coordinating pieces

The Palisade Collection can outfit patient areas to waiting rooms with cohesive features that are welcoming and accommodating. Coordinating products like the Tote, Daystand, Mobile Table, and Stool are designed to anticipate the needs of families and guests in the patient room.


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