Break Room

How to Build a Positive Work Culture

People socializing at a long bar in a break room with white tables and yellow and white Eames Shell Chairs.

If you want to build a positive work culture, one place to start is a bright, beautifully outfitted break room where people can gather for food and fun. That’s just what happened when we helped TDC create a social hub that, at lunchtime, is abuzz with laughter and conversation.

A close crop of three circular white-topped Everywhere Tables surrounded by yellow and black Eames Molded Plastic Shell Chairs.

All furnishings in this break room, such as Eames Molded Plastic Chairs and Everywhere Tables, are lightweight and easy to reconfigure as they needs of the people using the space change.

A close up of a hand tacking a photo of a dog to a board covered in a fabric with black words on it and with other notes and photos posted on it.

In lieu of family photos at their desks, people can share photos of their kids and family pets at a community tack board in the heart of the break room.

Employee Survey Results

An infographic of a partially filled circle with 34% in the center of it to show a 34% increase in employees who report a stronger connection to colleagues.

Stronger Sense of Belonging

Employees report a stronger connection to colleagues and the organization.

An infographic of a partially filled circle with 51% in the center of it to show a 51% increase in employees who say they have more space to unwind.

Easier to Relax

In the new office, employees say they have more spaces where they can unwind.

Break Room Furniture

How to Improve Employee Experience

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