Training Room

How to Improve Employee Engagement

A man stands at a podium and presents to three people sitting in Setu Chairs. The presentation is shown on a large screen with a camera above it.

If you want people to learn something new—and make sure it sticks—give them a training room where they can stay engaged. In TDC’s training room, people can see and hear each other, observe new financial concepts on screen, and listen to the presenter. The desks and chairs are mobile, so people can reconfigure the space to break out in small groups or move things around if they want to use the electronic whiteboard.

A person standing next to a height-adjustable Intent Solution cart with a laptop on it.

Make it easy for people to present from their laptops with Intent Solution, a mobile, height-adjustable table. The speaker can adjust it to the right height and take it with them as they move about the space.

A black video camera affixed to a wall above a screen that's used for video conferencing.

An above-screen camera extends training opportunities to remote participants. It’s positioned so the off-site employee and people in the training room can see and hear each other at all times.

Employee Survey Results

An infographic of a partially filled in circle with 25% inside it to show a 25% increase in employees who think their ability to share knowledge improved.

Easier to Share Ideas

Employees said their ability to share knowledge and give feedback improved.

An infographic of a half-filled circle with 52% inside it to show a 52% increase  in employees who say they have more access to group spaces.

Better Collaboration

Survey respondents said they have more access to spaces for working, meeting, and socializing.

Training Room Furniture

How to Improve Employee Experience

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