Open Office

How to Increase Collaboration and Decrease Distraction

Three people working together in a collaborative space with a table, gray Mirra 2 Chairs, and a monitor on the wall.

In an open office where people sit side-by-side, separated only by low partitions, it’s easy to have a quick chat or ask a question. And while this is convenient and great for immediate problem solving, it can also be distracting. To combat this at TDC, we surrounded many parts of the open office with rolling whiteboards that people can move for enclosure. All desks are height adjustable, too, so people can stand up when ready to collaborate or sit down when it’s time to focus on a solo task.

A workstation with a white Locale desk and a gray and white Mirra 2 Chair and Locale bookshelf with decor in the background.

With Mirra 2, a highly adjustable ergonomic chair, and a Locale height-adjustable desk, people have the comfort and support they need for long periods of work.

A side view of a black Eames Shell chair next to a white table with a monitor in the background.

This meeting space, outfitted with Eames Molded Plastic Chairs, is embedded in the work area. It gives people the opportunity to gather whenever they need to solve a problem or have a conversation.

“I would have been more hesitant to accept the job if they were still in the old office. Perks like sit-to-stand desks for everyone were a major draw.”

Sarah Sherwin, TDC Employee

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