Private Office

How to Provide Privacy in an Open Office

Man in a private office working on a laptop at an Everywhere Table and sitting in a gray Setu Chair with a green Tuxedo Sofa in the background.

Just because you’ve torn down those cubicle walls doesn’t mean that people will stop needing privacy and quiet to focus on their work. That’s why, in a successful open office, everyone has access to fully enclosed private offices. At TDC, they populate the perimeter, making them easy for people to access. They’re glass walled, so people can see if they are occupied and so the occupant can maintain a view of the office.

A close up of a person's hand tapping the screen of a Robin room scheduling device mounted to the outside of the private office.

An intuitive room scheduling system makes it easy for people to find and reserve desks.

An Exclave whiteboard with writing in blue and a gray tackboard with papers and pictures pinned to it.

With moveable Exclave whiteboards and tackboards, people have space to sketch out or pin up ideas and then take the boards with them back to their desks.

“It isn’t that we took away private offices. We gave everyone access to privacy on demand.”

Cleves Delp, Chairman and CEO, TDC Companies

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