Can Office Design Improve Employee Experience?

Case Study: TDC Companies, Financial Services Firm, Maumee, OH

See what happened when Herman Miller used an integrated design process to help a company create an office that works hard for people and the business.

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Our Formula for Creating an Office Employees Love

A black line drawing of two black concentric circles that represent an integrated design process.

1. Embrace an Integrated Design Process

We worked with the architect, designer, and our technology specialist to ensure all elements in the new space complemented one another.

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2. Get to Know People and Their Workflow

Our specialists conducted workshops and surveys to understand people’s needs and inform the design of the new space.

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3. Help People Navigate Change

Our change management experts helped the firm create a robust communication program to keep people informed during the move.

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4. Anticipate Evolution over Time

With changes in staffing and the industry continuing to accelerate, we helped TDC create an office with furnishings that could flex with future growth.

Over the past few years, TDC Companies, an Ohio-based financial services firm, expanded its client base on a national scale. With growth came the need to hire and build a larger office. In the new space, long-time CEO Cleves Delp wanted to improve the employee experience so they would be equipped to provide excellent service to clients. And that meant people would need spaces and technology to help them make client meetings feel personal and engaging—even when they’re conducted remotely.

“Herman Miller isn’t in the furniture business. They’re in the office experience business. That’s why I knew a partnership with them would help us succeed.”
Cleves Delp, Chairman and CEO, TDC Companies

In TDC’s old office, employees struggled with a scarcity of conference rooms. The ones that were available weren’t equipped for easy video conferencing with remote clients. What’s more, the team worked out of a packed warren of workstations and private offices. Managers were accustomed to holing up behind closed doors, locking away sensitive documents and, with them, any potential for the organic exchange of ideas that happens when people work alongside one another.

A Word from the CEO

Hear how Herman Miller helped TDC up their office game.

Case Studies

Case Study: TDC Companies

See what happened when Herman Miller helped a company improve employee experience in their new office, outfitted with furniture and tech that's fully integrated.

How to Improve Employee Experience

To help TDC improve employee experience, we started by getting to know them. Our workplace consultants asked questions like, “What do you need to be successful?” and “How do you go about your work every day?” We discovered that people craved connection with colleagues, better access to their managers, and more conference rooms with tech that actually worked.

“I don’t know how anyone executes on this without Herman Miller and Whitlock working in lockstep with one another. The integration of the furniture and technology is like hand and glove.”
Cleves Delp, Chairman and CEO, TDC Companies

Next, we integrated the design process around these needs. Everyone from the architect to the tech specialist (Whitlock) collaborated to ensure the structural elements, furniture, and technology were working together to serve people.

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From Private Offices to Privacy on Demand

With the shift to 28,000 square feet of bright, open office space, everyone has access to spaces for client meetings, team projects, focused work, and more.

An illustrated floorplan of TDC's first and second floors with multi-colored boxes to represent the variety of settings.
An infographic with a circle that's only 28% filled with color to represent that 28% of the new floorplan is dedicated to collaborative space.

28% of the new space is dedicated to a variety of collaborative spaces.

An infographic with a circle that's only 15% filled with color to represent that 15% of the new floorplan is dedicated to bookable private offices.

15% of the new space is dedicated to bookable private offices.

An infographic with a circle that's only 30% filled with color to represent that 30% of the new floorplan is dedicated to individual space.

30% of the new space is dedicated to individual workstations with sit-to-stand tables.

An infographic with a circle that's only 7% filled with color to represent that 7% of the new floorplan will give TDC room to grow.

7% of the new space gives TDC room to grow.

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Space for quiet time is critical when you have an office designed to boost collaboration and the conversation that comes with it. At TDC, employees have plenty of tucked-away spots where they can chat on the phone or do work that requires concentration.

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