Meeting Room

How to Make Meetings More Engaging

Three people sitting in gray Eames Soft Pad Chairs talking with a remote colleague whose face appears on a large monitor on the wall.

Meetings can be a huge drain on your time, especially when the meeting room seems to be out of sync with the furniture and technology. In TDC’s meeting rooms, every element works in concert. The table is designed to allow everyone to see each other and the screen clearly. Stacked monitors let people review spreadsheets while maintaining a visual connection to those participating remotely. The furniture and technology are fully integrated to make meetings more engaging.

A close up of a hand tapping a touchscreen to set up the room for a video conference.

It's easy to make meetings more engaging and ensure a good experience for all participants with this intuitive touchscreen display.

A close up of a wall-mounted camera above a monitor used for video conferencing.

This camera is intentionally placed between the two monitors and at eye level, so people in the room can maintain eye contact with their colleague on screen.

Employee Survey Results

A partially filled circle with 57% in the center of it to represent a 57% increase in employees who say it's easy to reserve conference rooms.

Improved Access to Meeting Rooms

Employees say it's easy to find and reserve a meeting room.

A partially filled circle with 52% in the center of it to represent a 52% increase in employees who say it's easier to collaborate.

Better Collaboration

With a greater variety of meeting rooms and spaces for working and socializing, employees report that collaboration is on the rise.

Meeting Room Furniture

How to Improve Employee Experience

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