Conference Room

How to Improve Your Brainstorming Sessions

Woman presenting from a large monitor to three people sitting in white Sayl Stools at a large bar-height conference table.

Teams charged with dreaming up the next big idea or solving problems need conference rooms where they can be energetic (and messy). TDC's creative conference room encourages better brainstorming. There’s plenty of circulation space, so people can prowl around the room as they think, sketch on the whiteboard, or use the touchscreen. And because colleagues often participate remotely, we enhanced the room for interaction with them. Everyone can see and hear each other, along with the ideas that are documented on the whiteboard or screen.

A view of a person's arm as they interact with the large touchscreen in a conference room with white Sayl Stools.

The centerpiece of the conference room is a large touchscreen. The furniture is oriented so it’s easy for everyone to see what’s happening on the monitor. People can easily move about the room and interact with the screen.

A close-up of a person's hand posting a note on a gray tackboard.

The best creative conference rooms have a mix of digital and analog tools. Here, people can pin up ideas on Exclave tackboards, which they can remove and take with them back to their desks.

"We wanted to make digital meetings more comfortable for everyone. So Whitlock came in and asked us questions to help us understand what tools we would need to do that."

Kevin Jansen, Chief of Staff, TDC Companies

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