Foundational insights

These insights about people, process, and place informed the development of this setting.

For people: Inclusive

A Focus Room provides judgment-free private space for diverse needs, from deep concentration to sensitive conversations.

For process: Intuitive and Desirable

Simple technology support and ample places for personal items allow for fast setup to get to work quickly.

For place: Adaptable

The height-adjustable desk, mobile storage trolley, soft stool, drapery, and task lamp allow users to adapt the space to suit personal preferences.


Focus Rooms provide acoustic and visual privacy to support multiple facets of independent work, whether you are bringing focus to a project or a conversation with remote colleagues on the other end of a videoconference. Another iteration on the concept of Haven, these highly productive spaces are a functional necessity for the future of work.

Design characteristics

A scale with four sets of sliders that indicate the design characteristics of a setting. These sliders describe the setting as highly constant (not flexible), focused (not interactive), and independent, while balancing physical and virtual needs.

Use case details

Activity: Converse, Create, Process & Respond

On-site: 1
Remote: 0-10

Availability: Reservable

Duration: 30 minutes-2 hours

Area: 144 total square feet

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