Foundational insights

These insights about people, process, and place informed the development of this setting.

For people: Inclusive

Ample open space and a variety of seating options help create a welcoming space for strengthening community bonds through quiet reflection.

For process: Intuitive and Desirable

Rich material textures, saturated earthy hues, and dispersed sources of soft, low light set an introspective atmosphere.

For place: Adaptable

An array of seating, side tables, interior lighting, and exterior sunshades help people adapt individual micro-environments within this larger setting.


A Quiet Lounge is a warm, inviting sanctuary from the stresses of the workday. Here, people can be introspective without completely withdrawing from their community. An extension of the Living Office setting known as Haven, the Quiet Lounge is designed for decompression and relaxation alongside colleagues who are also seeking a moment of respite.

Design characteristics

A scale with four sets of sliders that indicate the design characteristics of a setting. These sliders show the highest level of support for highly focused, independent work, specifically for those who are physically present in the space. Furnishings strike a balance between being adaptable and being constant.

Use case details

Activity: Contemplate

On-site: 8-20 co-located
Remote: 0

Availability: On-demand

Duration: Up to 1 hour

Area: 1,300 square feet


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