Foundational insights

These insights about people, process, and place informed the development of this setting.

For people: Inclusive

Open circulation, a variety of storage options for personal items, and opportunities for visual separation help individuals find and sustain their own productive flow.

For process: Intuitive and Desirable

This highly varied collection of solo work points affords access to daylight and natural views to set a bright and productive atmosphere for individual work.

For place: Adaptable

This setting allows people to choose from a range of individual work points, each designed for cultivating different states of mind for individual work.


Sometimes you need a quiet place to focus and maybe cram for your next big deliverable—not unlike when you crammed for an exam in school. The Study Hall is designed to support focus, thinking, learning, or reading in proximity to others. The reference to education is intentional, as the facilitation of learning becomes increasingly important to all types of organizations.

Design characteristics

A scale with four sets of sliders that indicate the design characteristics of a setting. These sliders illustrate this setting's emphasis on focus and strong support for both in-person and virtual experiences, along with the moderately fixed nature of the furnishings and balance between independence and interdependence.

Use case details

Activity: Contemplate, Create, Process & Respond

On-site: 8-20
Remote: Unlimited (silent communication only in open areas)

Availability: On-demand

Duration: 1-2 hours

Area: 1,800 square feet


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